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Access Control is the process of restricting and monitoring access to a site. This means that not only are you no longer reliant on physical keys and attendance registers to restrict access, but also that you are able to see who accessed your site, and when. Other advantages of using electronic access control include the ability to deny users access remotely if they are suspect and even allowing access according to schedules. We offer different packages to suit your access control needs. Check out what each pricing tier offers below!


For those with basic access control needs
R 0 Monthly
  • 1 Location (Main Entrance)
  • View 1 day of records
  • Capacity Control Notifications


For organisations who need to keep records of visitors
R 99 Monthly
  • 5 Locations (editable)
  • View 1 month of records
  • Capacity Management


An all inclusive package to for your organisation
R 299 Monthly
  • Unlimited Locations (editable)
  • View all records for all locations
  • Online Events
  • Business Intelligence
  • Facial Recognition Check in
  • Queue Management
  • Lobbying System


No matter your company needs we have a solution tailored for yo
From R0 Monthly
  • Pick only the features that you need

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