With COVID-19 still among us, many schools are shut down, partially shut down, or limiting access. While the risk of unwanted access in a school setting has always been a security risk, schools are also dealing with additional threats and risks based on COVID-19. Though visitor and access management is a priority in schools, an even stronger emphasis is being placed on protocols, tactics, training and systems that can help primary schools and high schools keep learners, employees and locations safe and secure while adjusting to the new normal of learning during the pandemic.

Managing access protects school premises and people, and right now, that also translates to minimizing the unnecessary spread of the virus.

Access control systems are a vital tool for schools to limit access as well as have a trail of information to help with incident response or investigations.

GNP is the answer to your access control needs. The Global Network Profile is a web application that allows your learners, staff and visitors to contactlessly check-in and check-out of multiple areas for: